Concordia University, Nebraska

2013 – Present

Director of Marketing & Communication

  • Oversee the brand strategy for the university
  • Manage the marketing and communication team
  • Lead the design and development of the university’s digital strategies, including
    • Lead the overhaul of content strategy through our CMS (Concrete5) to leverage reusable, shareable and goal-orientated content
    • Implemented an SEO strategy workflow process to evaluate content, refine copy for more focused results and increase structured data for better search engine placement results
    • Became the first university to leverage academic program reviews as an SEO and lead-generation tactic through enhanced search engine results
    • Custom develop PHP for controllers and views (MVC approach) in Concrete5 by leveraging their API
    • Developed an internal REST API for sharing of content from to digital screens (ex: event listings) and other applications (ex: academic program data, faculty/staff directory)
    • Create user-first, responsive UIs through JavaScript (Vue) and custom CSS (SCSS) and HTML. Use Webpack for various automated process and deployment steps.
    • Develop an internal styleguide to support and enforce a standards-based approach to web development
  • Develop strategic marketing plans to enhance student recruitment and fundraising efforts
  • Serve as recruitment CRM Administrator
  • Create and improve measurement strategies and tactics for digital campaigns leveraging various digital analytics tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, ClickDimensions, Dynamics CRM, HotJar, Google Ads)
  • Champion user- and student-focused approaches for developing academic programs, extracurricular activities and promotions

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

2002 – 2013

User Experience Architect

  • Oversee user experience and strategies of
    • Custom developed web framework – a multi-sitewide template of shareable CSS, JS and HTML to provide a consistent and strong user experience across all UNL web properties
  • Design and implement user interface for mission-critical web applications
  • Develop digital marketing initiatives
  • Conduct usability research to ensure initiatives are on-track
  • Closely collaborate with the campus community on digital marketing best-practices and the development of various web applications
  • Served as the institution’s lead in web analytics strategies:
    • Articulated metrics to analyze effectiveness of recruitment campaigns, SEO initiatives and SEM placements.
    • Developed custom UX metrics in Google Analytics to measure effectiveness
    • Implemented multiple UX/UI A/B and multi-variate tests during development cycles


  • Instruct journalism students on web development though JOMC 165 (later redeveloped to JOMC 161
  • Mentor students on careers in web, marketing and communications

Assistant Director of Information Management

  • Developed digital campaigns and plans for both graduate and undergraduate recruitment
    • Includes development of custom HTML emails with database content merges through CRM (Talisma)
    • Coordinated and designed SEM and other digital advertisement initiatives for recruitment efforts
  • Directed web-based recruitment initiatives
    • Built a lite-CMS in PHP to publish website and interactive elements (ex: user-personalized campus visit registration and administration)
    • Custom-designed landing pages for digital promotional efforts

Computing Coordinator for Interactive Marketing

  • Coordinated CRM software development to support recruitment campaigns

Marketing Intern

  • Designed and developed the first iteration of the Office of Admissions website

Ruffalo Noel-Levitz

2007 – Present

Associate Consultant

  • Develop and support digital marketing initiatives for colleges and universities across the country
  • Built and managed an advanced marketing analytics deliverable used by dozens of my clients
  • Conduct primary research on behalf of my clients to ensure optimal campaign targeting and messaging
  • Lead project strategies in search engine optimization, analytics, copywriting, information architecture, brand positioning, email marketing and content development
  • Custom design and develop UX/UI for clients. This includes full front-end development and integration with the client’s CMS (ex: OmniUpdate, Drupal, WordPress, Concrete5).
    • Custom develop HTML, CSS and JS per client requirements
    • Implement a front-end build system through Webpack, Grunt or Gulp based on client needs
    • Integrate with Git for scalable and automated updates

Motions Dance Academy

2004 – Present

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Design and develop all recruitment promotions
  • Primary development of
    • A self-built system using Laravel, Webpack and Stripe through custom CSS (SCSS), JavaScript (Vue), PHP and HTML
    • Serves as the primary course registration system, tracking rosters, attendance, dance assignments, course teachers, billing and payments and all aspects of business needs.
    • Implemented a custom deployment process through GIT to handle site updates.
  • Design and package print and digital advertisements for selected periodicals, social media and retargeting.

Higher Education Web Professionals

2012 – 2014

Member of the Board of Directors

  • Develop and prioritize the organization’s vision and strategy
  • Chairman of the membership committee
  • Oversee membership benefits and communication